Trek across the Pyrenees
Free maps and a book you can buy
Free maps and a book you can buy
New updated edition of book published February 2017
A guide to trekking the mountain frontier of the Pyrenees
Gordon Wilson
For hikers without borders
'Gordon reminds us that mountain hiking is something all of us can enjoy no matter what age we are so long as we are reasonably fit (although not obsessively so). This is a comprehensive and well written book, a joy to read and one that should take a lot of fear out of our of preparations.'
'Informative and entertaining. Gordon is a fine companion to have in your rucksack for a hike in the Pyrenees.'
‘Very well researched and full of lots of useful and practical information for those setting out on the trail. The author’s personal account gives a good sense of what the walker can expect on different sections.’
This book makes the maps worthwhile. It is unique among guidebooks to the Pyrenean traverse in that it provides day-by-day route descriptions plus  much more. Although you may end some long days feeling footsore and weary, the point is to enjoy the traverse as the experience of a lifetime. The book provides a wealth of practical advice on travel, accommodation, travelling light, footpaths, maps, poles, GPS and other trekking aids. The route descriptions lead you into fantastic mountain scenery, wild, lonely places, and to witness nature raw in tooth and claw. The book also leads you into the Pyrenees of people and their sometimes heroic, sometimes tragic, histories on both sides of this political frontier between France and Spain. You engage with Basque and Catalan cultures and mountain livelihoods, as well as French and Spanish. You have the company, shared experience, fun and laughter of others who are doing the same. Above all the book encourages you to think beyond putting one foot in front of the other, in other words to be ahiker without borders, and even create your own route if you wish. It is intended for any reasonably fit person of whatever age who enjoys hiking and is grabbed by the idea of traversing these fascinating mountains from one coast to another.
This ebook replaces an earlier edition with a change in title, and updates to routes, maps and website links. It is stand-alone of course, but it also provides a good companion to the previous edition paperback version which is still available with a main title 'Space for Wonder'.
Through buying this book you will contribute to mountain charities, especially those that are are associated with the Pyrenees, to which profits will be donated.
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Chapter 1 A frame of mind
Chapter 2 The Pyrenean traverse: an overview
Chapter 3 Planning your trip: cost, getting there,
                  travelling light & where to spend the night
Chapter 4 The daily trek: rom the drawing board
                  the high trail
Chapter 5 Being socially aware and being sociable
Chapter 6 Across the Basque Country to the high
Chapter 7 Across the Hautes Pyrénées Occidentales
                  and Centrales
Chapter 8 Take your pick: into the heart of the
                  near-eastern Pyrenees
Chapter 9 Spain, Andorra, France and the
                  Mediterranean in quick succession
Chapter 10 Do it
The Preface and first chapter of the new edition

This updated e-book is available at Amazon , Smashwords, iTunes, and other main e-book retailers. (Note that some retailers may still label it under the original title 'Space for Wonder' but you will buy the new version.)

The original print paperback version (Space for wonder...)  is available from usual retail outlets, distributed by Cordee.

All profit from the combined sales will be donated to mountain charities, especially those that are associated with the Pyrenees.
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